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Invitation 5

Invitation 5
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Here at SnapChapter, we have products for any occasion or event, no matter what time of year. Of our many popular items, specialty cards have always been our favorite to offer and produce. Using our state-of-the-art ordering software, SnapChapter gives you the opportunity to create and design a postcard or fold-over card completely from scratch! Why limit yourself to a pre-designed template, when your inner designer is dying to come out? Using the tools we have provided in our software, you have the freedom to add images, backgrounds and text, all with completely customizable options, such as color, fonts and borders. Let your imagination get the best of you!

Of course, we also offer a wide variety of pre-designed templates for any occasion. We hope this gives you the opportunity to put something together fast, with the confidence of a superb product just the way you want it, with a little help from us.

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