Exciting ways to shout out ‘Happy birthday’

Birthdays are fun and special times, and they become all the more important to us, when it’s the birthday of a beloved! So what do you do to make the day extra special for them? Planning a gift that speaks volumes about your feelings for them might be a great idea! Here are a few:

If your beloved loves small surprises, sneak by simple bits of surprises to them throughout the day.

  • Like if their 25th birthday, give them 25 roses throughout the day, sneaking them one at a time, rather than giving them a bouquet
  • Small little happy birthday with sweet nothing written on them will make them feel all the more loved and wanted
  • Gift them something handmade or customized, something that has pictures of them and you. A customized coffee mug, or an i-pad cover these days are your best choice
  • Personalized birthday greeting cards with love quotes and poetry on it, will make their hearts melt
  • Compose a song or video clip for them, take them back in time!
  • Take them out on a surprise date, which never fails!