5 things to make a birth announcement extra special!

You have just become the mother/father of a delicate little angel and want to scream out and tell the whole world about it! Here are couple of ideas for making a birth announcement extremely memorable!

  • Click pictures of your new-born and make birth announcement cards out of it
  • Get customized coffee mugs and coasters made, full of your little one’s pictures
  • Throw a splendid party and keep a handy-cam record of every single moment of your baby’s first few days in the world!
  • Get a beautiful portrait made of your baby and post it to friends and extended family
  • Get your baby’s feet engraved on a surface, and frame it for life!

There are just so many ways of expressing your deep love, joy and excitement on the arrival of your baby that you will be spoilt for choice. All you need to so is select amongst the options and spread the cheer!