5 amazing birthday gift ideas for your love!

Birthdays are those ties when you can go extra special and indulge your loved ones with precious gifts. However it is rightly said that it’s the idea and not the price of the gift that matters. Given below are some great savvy gift options which shall put a smile across your loved ones’ faces while not pressurizing your pocket!

  • A cute coffee mug, with pictures of you and them
  • If you have a tech savvy partner, why not give them a customized mouse pad?
  • Something to remind them of you every time they dine customized coasters for your dining table!
  • Considering how famous ipad and iPhones have become, why not gift them a customized cover for the same?
  • Saving the best for the last, nothing beats a collection of silly pictures of you both, jotted into a collage!

Spread our imagination on a canvas, dip it in lots of love and pour it out for them! If there is that special someone in your life, learn new ways to keep them forever!

Online printing – is it the best option?

If you have any doubt that online digital printing is a far better option as compared to traditional printing companies, then the following points will get rid of all your doubts –

  • Order your prints any time, any day, and from anywhere. You need not to visit the physical store. All you need is a computer and an internet connection
  • Time is money, save it by choosing to go for online printing. Not only can you save your precious time in placing the order without any day-night constraint, you can save yourself from the hassle of driving back and forth to the printer
  • Play with your creativity, as you can give a personal touch your prints in the form of personalized greetings, photographs, and poster designs. So, free your creative bugs and see the magic you can achieve with them
  • Icing on the cake comes in the form of free home delivery of the orders (which most of the online printers offer). So, you can get the products delivered at your doorstep, without spending an extra penny

Do you still believe that there can be any better option than online printing?

5 things to make a birth announcement extra special!

You have just become the mother/father of a delicate little angel and want to scream out and tell the whole world about it! Here are couple of ideas for making a birth announcement extremely memorable!

  • Click pictures of your new-born and make birth announcement cards out of it
  • Get customized coffee mugs and coasters made, full of your little one’s pictures
  • Throw a splendid party and keep a handy-cam record of every single moment of your baby’s first few days in the world!
  • Get a beautiful portrait made of your baby and post it to friends and extended family
  • Get your baby’s feet engraved on a surface, and frame it for life!

There are just so many ways of expressing your deep love, joy and excitement on the arrival of your baby that you will be spoilt for choice. All you need to so is select amongst the options and spread the cheer!

Custom design your iPad case effortlessly!

If you are using that old and dull looking iPad cases available in the market that everybody else is using, then here is a smart and stylish option for you.

Custom design your iPad case and make it look stunning!

Wondering, how to do it? Well, you can look on the internet for digital printing companies and see for yourself how many options that you have.
Here is a sneak peak at what you can choose, as far as the design goes –

  • Customize it using a personal photograph of yours
  • Add desired effects to these pictures to make them look attractive
  • Select from a variety of themes and colors for your iPad cover
  • Use your own creativity to customize a design as per your like and dislike
  • Make them a part of your memories by customising them for special occasions

Not only as a great option for your personal use, customized photo iPad covers can serve as the perfect gift for someone you love. In fact, most of the online printing companies can help you select the perfect customized gift for your loved ones, no matter what the occasion is.

So, are you ready with an idea to customize your iPad cover?

Exciting ways to shout out ‘Happy birthday’

Birthdays are fun and special times, and they become all the more important to us, when it’s the birthday of a beloved! So what do you do to make the day extra special for them? Planning a gift that speaks volumes about your feelings for them might be a great idea! Here are a few:

If your beloved loves small surprises, sneak by simple bits of surprises to them throughout the day.

  • Like if their 25th birthday, give them 25 roses throughout the day, sneaking them one at a time, rather than giving them a bouquet
  • Small little happy birthday with sweet nothing written on them will make them feel all the more loved and wanted
  • Gift them something handmade or customized, something that has pictures of them and you. A customized coffee mug, or an i-pad cover these days are your best choice
  • Personalized birthday greeting cards with love quotes and poetry on it, will make their hearts melt
  • Compose a song or video clip for them, take them back in time!
  • Take them out on a surprise date, which never fails!